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Toshokan Kakumei PDF!

Hi friends! I'm not dead, just been hella busy--I had a bunch of houseguests, caught a nasty cold, and my wife and I are closing on a HOUSE(!?!) this week. But I will get back to translating very soon! In the meantime, I finally finished the PDF of the 4th book! Sorry to keep you waiting! - melithiel

Bessatsu Toshokan Sensou 1, page 17

Risking my life!? That's laying it on pretty thick! Iku thought sulkily, but since she actually had hurt herself, she didn't say it out loud.

"Well, but there was the slightest chance that she might be able to pull it off without injury. And what if our intrusion had surprised her, and the knife slipped? And even from the back, we could tell that Kasahara-san was trying her best to impress you--we just couldn't interrupt. I mean, she must have run back to the dorm as soon as her shift was over and changed clothes. Maybe you could do her the favor of taking some notice of her dedication?"

"I did notice, thank you very much!"

Doujou turned his head to the side, and Komaki and Shibasaki's eyes met with a significant look.

Instructor, if that was a slip of the tongue, it was a pretty vehement one, Iku thought, but it wasn't something she could say aloud.

Tedzuka, looking very awkward and out of place, picked up the fruit knife and half-peeled apple from Doujou's bedspread. "Um, I'm gonna go wash this knife. And throw away this apple."

Aw, I know it was touch-and-go, but I managed to peel a whole third of it... Iku looked at the apple wistfully.

That was when Doujou said, "Wash the apple too. I want to eat it."

His face was still turned away from them. Iku glanced at him to make sure of it.

--But he's eating it for me...

"Someone's in love with you," Shibasaki whispered to her impishly. Her brain felt like it was going to explode.

Bessatsu Toshokan Sensou 1, page 16

Iku turned to face the door and saw Shibasaki, with Komaki and Tedzuka at her heels.

"W...W-Were you watching just now...?"

"It was a sight to behold. Now hold out that silly hand of yours, that tried to do something beyond its ability."

Shibasaki barged in and took Iku's left hand.


This time, Iku screamed because Shibasaki had mercilessly doused her cut in antiseptic.

"Ow! Ow ow! It hurts worse than when I cut it!"

"Worse than sucking on it?"

"...!!" This time her scream was silent.

Shibasaki efficiently bandaged the wound and said, "It's not that deep, so you'll be uncomfortable for a few days but it should heal soon. Treat the pain as punishment for your vanity in pretending to do something you couldn't." She rapped the bandage to punctuate her prescription. Iku yelped again.

Komaki was talking to Doujou, who looked red-faced and angry. "You know, I said we should go home because Kasahara-san was already here. But Shibasaki-san insisted that we needed to borrow first aid supplies and stand at the ready..."

"Oh, that was so considerate of you! You should have come in as soon as you arrived, like normal people! Why would you need to lie in wait until she hurt herself? If you had just come in, you might have stopped her from risking her life peeling that apple!"

Bessatsu Toshokan Sensou 1, page 15

The swiftly-moving fruit knife slipped on the red skin of the apple.


As she clutched the apple, her left thumb slid around the fruit and met the edge of the knife blade. After a beat, the diagonal slash began to ooze red.

"What the hell kind of idiot are you!?" Before she could say a word, Doujou whisked the apple and knife away from Iku and grabbed her wrist.


She went rigid, but not from the pain. It was because Doujou had--without a moment's hesitation--put his mouth over the cut on her thumb.

He sucked hard at the gash, but she didn't feel any pain. Heat flared throughout her whole body.

After a while, Doujou released her thumb from his mouth.

"Has it...stopped?"

After examining the cut, he poked the crimson-faced Iku's head in rebuke.

"That's why I told you not to, idiot. I could see that was going to happen." Doujou's face was a little red too. "Go down to the nurse's station and get your thumb disinfected and bandaged."

"All right," she said, her voice a little husky. Suddenly, Doujou's face froze. Iku barely had time to wonder why before the mystery revealed itself.

"Here you go! I brought antiseptic and a band-aid!"


Bessatsu Toshokan Sensou 1, page 14

"Hey... Hey!" Doujou's tone was worried, but Iku didn't have the spare attention to answer him.

Her gaze was fixed on the red globe ten centimeters from her face.

"If you can't do it, just let me!"

"Please don't talk, you'll distract me. Even I should be able to..."

"At least slice it before you peel it! It's easier that way!"

It's easy, he said. He might as well have said that women were obsolete. Iku grew more and more stubborn.

She had seen Shibasaki peeling a whole apple or Asian pear countless times.

"I'm trying to make an impression, okay!?"

"You're certainly not going to make one with your arms and shoulders stiff as a board! And you shouldn't have the apple that close to your eyes anyway!" Doujou squinched his eyes shut as if to block out some terrifying sight. "How long are you going to keep my blood pressure up for, anyway? I've been enduring this for the last fifteen minutes, and you're not even a third of the way through! Just admit defeat already!"

"I understand, I'll go faster!"

"No! Don't do it, you idiot!"

But Doujou was a split second too late.

Bessatsu Toshokan Sensou 1, page 13

"Lovey-dovey from the very start, I guess," Shibasaki murmured mockingly. But her usual curiosity was undamped. "What are they doing?"

"Looks like Kasahara-san is peeling an apple, from one of the fruit baskets."

"What!?" Shibasaki gasped, and the two men looked at her strangely.

Komaki was the one who dared ask, "Is something wrong?"

"She's incapable of peeling a whole apple!"

"What, really?"

"Yes, really! It's always my job to peel apples and Asian pears! Her skills with a knife are only up to the task of cutting up a loaf of sweet bean paste! I understand wanting to impress your boyfriend, but you've got to crawl before you walk! Start with an orange or something!"

"She'd have to start with an orange?" Komaki moaned along with Shibasaki. "...But it wouldn't be nice to intrude, either."

"Though bursting in right now might be the best thing for Kasahara."

"But what if we surprised her, and the knife slipped...?"

The three of them huddled in the doorway, talking it over. A passing female nurse looked at them oddly.

Komaki and Shibasaki both smiled disarmingly as she went by, but Tedzuka looked guilty. "You've got a long way to go," Shibasaki snickered at him.


Bessatsu Toshokan Sensou 1, page 12

"And at the end, the girls all say, 'sorry, I can't keep up with you anymore' and break it off..." Komaki appended.

Tedzuka's eyes flashed, and the other two cackled, "Aha!" Tedzuka alone didn't understand the joke, and was completely flummoxed.

"The thing is, men who have gone out with women they're in love with at least learn to match pace with a woman. They don't set off briskly on their own. Any woman who's once dated a man who returns her feelings would know that a man who starts walking without even a glance in her direction doesn't have any interest in her, and would break it off out of exhaustion, I think."

Tedzuka looked down at Shibasaki again.

At the head that didn't even reach his shoulder, her delicate shoulders, her slight build.

--Now he knew better.

I won't make that mistake again, he wanted to declare out loud, but they just didn't have that kind of relationship.


After that, they made it to the hospital, without ever making Shibasaki break into a jog. Together, the three of them headed to Doujou's room.

Komaki, in the lead, was about to knock on Doujou's door--but he paused at the threshold.

"Is something wrong?" Tedzuka asked.

"Shh," Komaki hushed him sharply, then quietly pushed the door open slightly. "...We had better go home, Kasahara-san's here."

"What!? She was just here yesterday! I guess she can't get enough of him!"

Bessatsu Toshokan Sensou 1, page 11

"B-....Boorish!? Am I boorish!?"

The other two nodded silently, Shibasaki glaring and Komaki grinning. Tedzuka hung his head, defeated.

"Well then, after you, my lady." Komaki gestured with one hand, and Shibasaki allowed herself to be escorted by Tedzuka, though his shoulders were slumping.

"What's got you so gloomy?" Shibasaki nudged him with her elbow.

Tedzuka's eyes darted as if looking for an escape route. "No one's ever once called my behavior toward a woman 'boorish' before..."

Shibasaki's ringing laughter mingled with Komaki's guffaws.

"I just saw Tedzuka's entire romantic history in that once sentence!"

"I saw it too!"

"What the--!?" Tedzuka was growing flustered.

Shibasaki looked up at him with a frankly mocking look on her face. "You've never gone out with a girl you fell for first, have you?"


"Bull's-eye!" Komaki barked a laugh.

"Oh, you've done girls the favor of going out with them, but that means that even if you don't show them consideration or slow down to match their pace, they do their best to match yours, without complaint. Poor little lambs."

Bessatsu Toshokan Sensou 1, page 10

Library War: Supplemental Volume 1
by Arikawa Hiro

Declaration of Library Freedom

1. Libraries have the right to gather materials freely.
2. Libraries have the right to make materials freely available.
3. Libraries protect the privacy of their users.
4. Libraries oppose all censorship.

When the freedom of the library is violated, we librarians will unite and fight to the end to protect its freedom.

Chapter 1, Slight Chance of Bloodshed Tomorrow


After they had completed their duties, Shibasaki, Komaki and the rest of Doujou's squad went to visit Doujou at the hospital near the base, where he had been transferred. Visiting hours at that hospital ran comparatively late, so it was the natural time to go.

"Where's Kasahara-san?" Komaki asked Shibasaki in the entryway where they were meeting.

Shibasaki shrugged slightly. "She wasn't in the room when I got back from work. I racked my brain but I couldn't figure out where she could be. She went to visit him yesterday, but I don't think that would keep her from visiting again today..."

"Hmmm. Maybe she had an errand to run? Oh well, let's just go the three of us."

Komaki set off, and Tedzuka moved to walk alongside him. Suddenly, Shibasaki interposed herself between them. Tedzuka squawked in surprise.

"What are you doing!?"

"You long-legged men are walking together in front, even though we're going as a group? You two are disqualified in every sense of the word! When a girl as beautiful as me is with you, shouldn't you show a little more consideration?"

Show consideration for someone who calls herself a beautiful girl? Tedzuka was dumbstruck.

"I think you should only include Tedzuka in that judgement," Komaki demurred. "I started walking first, but I didn't think a subordinate of mine would be so boorish as to leave a woman behind to walk next to me."

Scans from Bessatsu 1

Book jacket, title page, and character guide!

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